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I am Michelle the owner and sole therapist at SSL Massage and Beauty Room. My small home-based clinic, is a little tranquil haven for people seeking a more a personalised, calm and friendly environment.

My Story

Having been a Paediatric and Neonatal Nurse for many years, in 2016 my life took a completely different path when I decided to embark on a new career. I still wanted to help people feel better but in a more holistic way. I initially completed a number of accredited courses so that I could truly find where my passion lay. From the outset I decided I didn't want to offer everything, I wanted to specialise and establish a good reputation for the services I provide. Whatever I set my mind to, I aim to do it well but for me massage and skincare treatments just came naturally and I knew this was where I wanted to channel my energy and build my tranquil home based clinic.

It was 2 years later, having had some sports massage myself and experiencing first hand the benefits this could have for everyday, normal people and not just athletes, that I then successfully completed my Level 3 Active IQ in Sports Massage Therapy. I then undertook my Level 2 VTCT in Skincare and Facial Massage which further enhanced my knowledge and skills for providing bespoke holistic facials. Most recently I have enrolled on an Evidence Based Pain Course for Massage Therapists so that I can better understand the complexity that pain is and support people seeking treatments for chronic pain.

What does the future hold? Who knows? But there's one thing for sure, I will never stop learning and developing as a therapist.


Would you like to work with me to improve your health and wellbeing? 


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