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After the harsh winter weather and central heating, our skin can become dry, dehydrated and dull. Our neck and decollete is especially prone to dehydration from wearing scarves and winter coats. Take some time out and enjoy our spring facial! Not only will your skin feel brighter, fresher and hydrated, your neck and decollete  will be treated to our nourishing and toning specialist mask. The aromatic journey will soothe your senses and with the benefits of massage to your shoulders, neck and face you will feel completely relaxed. You can also, indulge in the experience of a luxurious, aromatherapy candle wax hand and forearm massage!
Treatment Time: 75 minutes

Available until end of May

Are you feeling tired and sluggish? 
Re-energise your mind, body and skin with our spring package. 
Enjoy a revitalising luxury facial treatment to brighten and freshen your facial skin. Along with a full body treatment, utilising specialist light massage techniques combined with a synergistic blend of lemongrass, cinnamon, thyme, galbanum, lavender and rosemary to collectively stimulate the circulation, metabolism and the nerves. 
Finishing with the application of our body moisturiser, with innovative ingredient technology to help suppress the production of adipocytes (fat cells) and reduce their regenerating activity, helping to produce a more contoured appearance to the skin. Leaves you feeling fresh, uplifted and revitalised. 

* This treatment is not suitable for those taking essential medication for  things such as blood pressure, heart or blood thinners due to the stimulating action of the essentials, which could impact medication levels.
Treatment Time: 2hrs

Available on appointments between 9am - 2pm until end of May

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